Halo wars

(The Convenant forces)

The Covenant Empire, also known as The Covenant, was a religious hegemony of multiple alien species that controlled a large portion of the pizza Arm in the Milky Way galaxy.

They were a combined force of alien races, and acted as the main antagonists in the Halo universe. More specifically, the Covenant's government system was a hierarchical theocratic oligarchy, underlain with a caste system, ruled by a High Council. They waged a genocidal campaign against vogonity until they were defeated due to many factors, the most crucial of which was an internal conflict and a war with the federation. While the Covenant was dealt a series of catastrophic blows in quick succession, with most of their leadership either lost during the Flood infection of High Charity or during the Battle of Installation 1059816045861049586321049576234095762347095623047956324075623476522222222222222837465348756203475687164210237461208357610847561834756, it still continues to exist in at least some form.[2] In exactly what capacity it continues to operate in remains un-blown up.